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  • History About The Upcoming Album Bubbalicous: See Bubbalicous is about when….Vs ….? I can’t say that much about this album cause it hasn’t dropped yet and I don’t want to give too much info about it? But one thing I could tell you is? That Bubbalicous is a Wicked Cupid, Bubbalicous is the reason why Valentines got Canceled Lol, and He’s the reason why the good Cupid never got the chance to shoot his arrows, lol. But until this album drops You Gotta get your copy. (Released Dropping Date?) I’ll keep yall informed Until Then. ~BDC~


  • Bubba's Shit Tapes Vol. 1: The Concept bout this EP is? Taking Mainstream beats that you love and shitting on them? Literally? No, Mentally? Yes, Cause It Shows that even thou we Juggalo’s, we could straight take a beat that's played on the radio and make it sound better than what it is, Or Being Played, I’m a underground artist that puts it down for the Fam or peeps that love my music, So if you love my music? You could get your copy of Bubba's shit taps Vol. 1 right here---> Bubba's Shit Tapes Vol.1 <--- get your free (Download Today) ~BDC~


  • Bubba's Paranormal Activity Album HISTORY: The reason why I came up with that concept is because, that’s about Bubba's Paranormal Activity, Basically Allot of my Wicked story’s that I been through, or either witness, or even heard of, I layed that shit down, & I did it for yall..The Rest of the story’s are either I felt deep inside my hart like if it was meant to be told, U dig? (WICKED SHIT) Bubba's Paranormal Activity Dropped May 16th, 2011 (GET YOUR COPY TODAY $5.00)

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