Bubba Da Clown: Born to Gilbert & Agnes Garcia, March 20th, 1983
From what I was told on that day I was a blizzard baby? Maybe that’s why I like Sub-Zero a lot from Mortal Kombat, Who Knows? But anyways I was an 80's kid growing up, From Ninja Turtles, to Thunder cats, GI Joes, That’s Was My Shit!!
I would say I’m very blessed to have the best Grandparents and my mom that raised me,  I was only 3 at the time when my parents split up, So for the peeps that are going through parents splitting up? Always remember this? They’re not doing this because u think it's because of you, Thy love you a lot, And thy wouldn’t do nothing to you to hurt you, It’s just everybody goes through hard times, Theirs some relationships that go out good, And theirs some that just never seem to be going out right, But For the ones that are going through harder times then others? I just want to say I’m very sorry Fam, Things will get better in time, But Enough Said with this sad shizz yo, I just want to let yall know a lil bit bout myself growing up from then till now, I was the type of kid that was always shy growing up and even held back in Kindergarten cause I was so shy that the teacher didn’t think if I was learning anything or not? So thy held me back, But anyway as a single mother my mom & my grandparents did their best to keep me active like joining sports and stuff, From Basketball, Roller Hockey, To Taking up choir in Elementary to Middle School, I also Played the bass & the snare drums in Middle school, Took up choir again in high school, But it wasn’t something tha I Expected to be like, Like instead of just singing just any type of songs? The teacher had us singing Opera Music? I was like fuck this lol, but anyway after high school was over? I Attended Some Christian Churches, I was Amazed how Christian rap was all about? So I Started writing flows at the age of 18. See I always use to write music when I was a little boy, See what I use to do is, write music from the radio to the songs I use to like, And then before you knew it I was rapping and singing with the songs that I liked, But anyways I wanted to rap for this church's Talent show, I was like Kool Yo, I thought I had my chance, But I was let down by the pastor saying no cause he got some rappers to come down from Denver to rap, Plus I was already having problems with that pastor not letting me be able to rap, Not just for the Church, But my main thing was to rap for the lord, See till this day i will always give thanks to god cause he gave me this talent I have today,  But one day my Aunty Sue gave me these CDs that she found at work? i guess someone either forgot um or left um IDK, But anyways I was always a radio kindda guy, But as soon as I got those CDs? I found Hatchet History, The Calm Before The Storm, And my Brother in-law had a Dark Lotus Cd that he didn’t want, So I took um, And I loved the music, Then my brother Wizz told me one day? You should do a Juggalo Freestyle back in 2006, so I was like O Ight not even thinking bout anything? Then before I new it I found out that there was over 900views less than a month? See for someone off of Psychopathic Records the charts would be huge less than an hour? But to me it was huge for me, But to make my story short, I needed someone to record my first single the La Llorona Off the Album Bubba's paranormal Activity, So the homie crow from Periodik Productions hit me up saying he would record me back in 08, Then Pancho from PLG Picked me up from their and had me do my first show in 08, Then meet his cousin CaRnI in 09 then I got signed to Abandon Records & Still doing the Dam thing WHOOP WHOOP!!! I just want to thank everybody that helped the homie to make the Bubba world go round Shout out to everybody u know who you are!!! & God Bless.